Set deadlines

This links back the “make a plan” section of this post. You really need to have a short, medium and long term plan in place for your business, however you need to set deadlines for your daily and weekly tasks. This blog post for example, I sat down and gave myself three hours to do it, that’s all.

I would love to spend all day on it but realistically I probably already have 15 unanswered emails in my inbox and various other tasks that require my attention. If you don’t set yourself time budgets, projects will always overrun, which lead to the next project over running… and the next, so on and so on.

If you set yourself a time budget that is realistic, I guarantee you will finish 99% of the things you set out to achieve. A good way to set your goals is to use the SMART acronym. These can be applied to individual tasks and more complex long term goals.

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