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Ok, I want you to find a mentor. Go on then, get out there and find one! Now your probably thinking, where the hell should I start looking? It’s a fair question, it’s not just as easy as contacting someone you admire and asking him or her to mentor you. I was lucky enough to work with someone who eventually became my mentor but a lot of the time, there isn’t anybody on hand that you aspire to be like.


You’ve got a few options though. You can utilise social media, pretty much everyone is online these days so getting in contact is much easier than it used to be. Don’t be fooled though, a quick direct message probably won’t be enough, especially if you’re going after a big gun. Start by interacting with them through comments, likes, shares and retweets. This will slowly bring you to their attention. When you feel you have built up some rapport, it’s time to approach them directly, maybe ask for a few tips or how they would approach a problem. Try and judge their response, and if they seem open to helping you, it’s very likely this person will be open to the idea of having a mentee.

Option two, use This site allows you to register as both a mentor and a mentee. You can browse individuals that are involved in your field and make contact with them. Be wary, they won’t all say yes to you. It depends if they feel your a good fit for them. .

Option three, join the British Chamber of Commerce. Here you will find lots of interesting and insightful people who have been there and done it. There are locally based groups within the organisation and it’s a good group to get involved in.

You might not find a mentor on your first try. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right and you will know it. Another thing to remember is a bad mentor is worse than no mentor at all, so chose wisely.

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