Business Skills You Didn’t Learn in College, But Should Have

Ten things that require zero talent. You’ve probably seen some version of this on the internet, right? Work ethic, attitude, passion, being on time — they are all on the list. And there are other articles (because it’s the internet, and there is always a yang for someone’s yin) that complain that all of those 10 things actually DO take talent.

Maybe the issue is one of word choice (of course I’d go there, I’m a content person). It’s not talent that people are talking about. All the things on that list take some kind of learned skill, but they don’t require degrees or training. You either decide you are committing yourself to their importance, or you don’t care that much. These things aren’t specific to your specialty in marketing, design, technology, or whatever you do, but might very well be the things that will make your marketing career (or really ANY career) more so than how fast you can figure out why your marketing automation platform is emailing everyone on your database without being told to do that.

Here are 10 (possibly improved) things that don’t require marketing experience or a college degree, but are business skills that can certainly jump you several rungs up the corporate ladder.

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