Become a leader that you yourself would follow


Entrepreneurs don’t just make jobs for themselves, they also make jobs for others. Any entrepreneur will want to grow their empire, but you can’t do this without a group of loyal followers. By followers, I mean employees. Before I took the plunge into entrepreneurship and worked for someone else, I learned a valuable lesson. A good leader will inspire you to achieve great things for them, a bad leader will inspire you to achieve great things for yourself.

If you want to keep a hold of your biggest asset, you will need to lead by example. This means digging deep and doing things you don’t necessarily want to do. Leaders inspire from the front and nothing will gain you more respect that rolling up yoursleeves and getting your hands dirty. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of losing your best staff to other employers who will inspire or losing them to entrepreneurship.


Leadership types can actually be categorised, so you can find out exactly what kind of leader you are. The three main leadership styles are Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez-faire. Now, to identify which one you are it’s best to take the test in the link and read about which style you mostly use. From personal experience different people can have a different leadership style to the same problem and come out with the same answer. However, it’s often your leadership style that will determine your on going success.

Each one can work, so if you aren’t happy with the style you currently are, it doesn’t mean your doing a bad job. I always try and adopt a few good traits from each of the leadership styles dependant on the situation. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision, so you can draw elements from each leadership style and mould yourself to a situation. This will help you and the people looking at your for leadership.

One thing that does work in all forms of leadership is giving back. Make sure the people who follow you know they are appreciated. Whether you choose to use their ideas in a situation or not, you have to acknowledge that they are their and they do want to help. Giving back could be as little as a quiet word or a pat on the back.

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